Monday, July 15, 2013

Lyrics: Conejo - So Raw

Lyrics For Conejo's "So Raw" Song From His "Undisputed" Mixtape.

Es Que Esta Madre No Va A Parar
¿Si Me Entiendes?
Ningún De Estos Hijos De Su Puta Madre
Están En Mi Nivel
Ce - O - Ene
Haha Whatcha

Verse 1:
 So Raw
Got You Grindin Your Jaw
Had You Up All Night
Homie Thinking You Saw
And A Bottle Of Whiskey
Made Me Ted Kaczynski
The Fucken Uni-Bomber
Got Damn I'm Drama
And Sign Your Mask Off
Like They Say In The Apple
Infiltration Of The Varrio
Left The OG's Baffled
Sacrificed - Paid The Price
C-Loco Ain't Nice
I Leave You Chopped Up
And Detonate The Device
This A Grown Man Biz
And You Know What It Is
To Hear What I Say
They Keep Coppin My Shit
This A Kilo Gram
So I Carry The Hammer
My Numbers Double Up
I'm Invading The Slammer
You Dig What I'm Sayin'
Til The Casket Close
Ese I Was Wined Down
To The Final Show
I'm A Killer Slash Poet
From Hoover Park
I Hear Voices From The Corpses
And My Days Turn Dark
I Represent The Come Up
That Could Land Me In Jail
This A Issue Understood
Stormy Weather In Hell
I'm So Hood
That I Capture The Street
That Even When I Have To
Cold Jackin For Beats
You Broke The Code Of Silence
Ultimate Defiance
You Muthafucken Rat
Already Lost Your Alliance
Suppressive Content
Fuck The Industry Standards
Regardless Of Your View
The Calles Gon Stand Up
I Mug The Jeweler
For His Diamonds & Mulla
Everything Went Smooth
But If I Have To
I Pull Out
So Don't Rule Out
A Robbery-Murder
Cause Anything Could Happen
From A Scrappin' To Cappin'
And I Don't Even Flow
I Just Talk On Beats
A Lobster Feast
And Executive Seats
My Heat Greats
All Unknown Cars
Muthafuckers Get Whacked
All In Front Of The Bar
Mister X
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