Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lyrics: Conejo - Stranger To Death

Lyrics For Conejo's "Stranger To Death" Song From His "Undisputed" Mixtape.

Hold Up, Hold Up
Yeah That Shit Sound Cool Right There
Ooh Haha Its Big C-O-N
West Side H-P-S
Its A High Caliber Muthafucken Exclusive
That's Right Homie
Yeah Ha-Ha
Watch Me Homie
Just Watch Me
Whats Up Gangster?

Verse 1:
I Ain't A Stranger To Death
Its A Part Of My Life
I Dwell In The Darkness
Take You Towards The Light
So Everyday I Make It
To See The Next
I Bless My Chest
With Some Coca & Stress
I Confess
That Suicide's Been A Option
But I Get Over It Quick
And Stop With The Nonsense
But My Conscious
Eternally At War
Ese Always Go Past
Shootin Dice On The Floor
I Shake It Off
With Some Fucken Tequila
Then I'm Back In The Regal
Homie Doing Some LĂ­neas
I'm A Mess
And To The World I'm A Pest
I Sleep With The Vest
In This Wild Wild West
And My Pen
Could Take Out A Sword
When They Play Your Fucken Track
I Scribble Dangerous Words
Can't Ignore
Physiological Problems
But Who The Fuck Knows
Cause My 38 Solve Em
Put The Pistol To Your Temple
Repeat What You Heard
Ese I Ain't From The Dirty
Dirty Money Get Earned
So Hear Me Out
Cause The Pain Don't Stop
Muthafuckas Catching Bullets
Homie Lost On My Block
So Come Through Though
And See Me Move Like a Mobsta
Homie Something Like A Boss
When I'm Squeezing The Choppa
Murder Raps
Homie Raps About Murder
My Dark Shit Ill
Drug Spot Controller
Then I Met Fly Honeys
I Don't Chase No Hoes
They Show Up At Events
For This Carnivore
Then I Slam With The Raw
Ese You Ain't On It
You Might Overdose
But I Just Can't Call It
They Knowin'
The Words I Put Together
I'm A Lyrical Scholar
With Some Bags Of Hielo
And I Bang With A Passion
And I Creep With The Glock
Ese Mexican Pac
Gonna Tear Up The Spot
In This Endless Rhyme
Full Of Homicide
In This Place I Reside
Push The Shit World Wide
We Divide
Ese Conquer Your State
I'm Talkin Bout Your Mind
And That Weight On Your Plate
This A Endless Rhyme
Full Of Genocide
The Hate From Inside
Is What I Provide
So You Decide
You Wanna Fuck With This
Cause Once Your Ass In
Can't Escape The Abyss
Gee Rabbs

Haha That Shit Tight
Un Saludo Para El Baby Jokes
Jasper Loco
Urban Kings Music
What Up?
Shoot Me Somethin
Let's Do This
Haha Shout Out To The Homies
Working On That Everybody Killa 2
Ce - O - Ene
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