Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lyrics: Conejo - Took A Trip

Lyrics For Conejo's "Took A Trip" Song From His "Undisputed" Mixtape.

These Muthafuckas Is Soft Homie
They Soft
Talking About
They Hold Some Kind Of Title In This Shit
Me? I'm The Undisputed King

Verse 1:
I Took A Trip
To The Liquor Store
Four Fifth In My Waist
And It Fucken Roars
That's All I Know
They Say I'm Off The Hinge
The Heroin Got Me Numb
And See Through The Syringe
Its Do Or Die
This Lifestyle Of Mine
Ese Ready Here I Go
I Lay It Out On The Line
C-Loco Do This
My Homie Worse Than A Curse
By The Time I Was Twelve
I Was Snatchin' A Purse
I Toe Tag Blunts
Right In Front Of These Punks
Muthafuckas Want A Hit
But Its All To The Lung
Behind The Wheel
Of Something Stolen
The Undisputed King
G Rabbs Stay Rollin
Its Like I'm Chosen
To Be A Hood Politician
Disappear All My Rivals
Like A Fucken Magician
They Get Their Hate Up
But They Ain't Got No Straps
I Piss On Rap
These Fucken CD's Are Wack
And So Many Lights
In This Dark Ass City
With J's On My Feet
I'm Always Fresh & Crispy
My Upbringing
Was So Damn Vicious
Ephedrine In My Blood
I'm So Malicious
I Want It All
That's Why I Go So Hard
Ese L.A. County Mind
All You Lames Resign
I'm C-Rock
With The 40 Glock
Ese Aimed At Your Chest
And The Bullet Won't Stop
I Get Ugly On A Track
But That's On A Daily
Ese Open Up My Mail
And Its A Drawing From Shady
A Mobster
But Fuck The Pasta
Bald Headed Muthafucka
Smoke Weed No Rasta
I Tell These Stories
Of Basehead Addicts
That Smoke So Much Crack
In Their Grandmas Attic
I Lost Count
Of All My Sins
But If The Scheme Is Right
Then I Go All In
Sick With It - Flip With It
Violent Past & Ammo
Ese House Shoe Slip
But Gray & Black My Flannel
Came To Stay
This Is Felony Case
Ask The Prosecutor
About My Felony Case
I'm Scarface Dos
Ask Ernie Gizzle
I Hit Muthafuckas
Long Range With A Missile
I'm Schizo-phrenic
At The Stash House Chillin
Homie Playing Some Madden
Cause Rats All Around
Its Out Of Control
Nobody Safe
But That's How It Go
So I'm A Get Mine
And Step On Toes
Manslaughter Enemies
And The Skanky Hoes
Lyrics Full Of Fury
Is What I Got
I'm A Gold Chain Snatcher
From That 2-5 Block
I See You Worried
On What You Discover
My Mic Game Wicked
Got You Running For Cover
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