Sunday, July 21, 2013

Lyrics: Conejo - Black Mac Eleven

Lyrics For Conejo's "Black Mac Eleven" Song From His "Undisputed" Mixtape.

Verse 1:
Black Mac Eleven
Free Reefer On The Clips
This Young Trukos
All Up In The Mix
Fuck The Music Business
I Push It Off The Tier
I Do What I Does
Then I Make It Disappear
(Here We Go)
I'm Steady Mobbin'
I'm Robbing All You Fools
Mortuaries Making Money
Off The Ones That I Smoke
Vatos They Don't Want It
They About To Get It
The Rules & Regulations
In The Streets Embedded
Issue Never Deaded
I'm A Hard Hitter
I Pull Up On The Scene
I'm a AK Spitta
Fuck All Your Twitters
I Give It To You Direct
No Need To Gossip
When I Murder All You Rejects
I'm A Fucken T-Rex
Tearin' Up Your Side
Baby Wax - Swiss Cheese
Out Your Ride
My Enemies Is Knowin'
Ain't No Place To Hide
So Many Hoes
See The Bodies Dead In Sight
With So Many Deaths
I'm A Call It Lil Afghan.
Anywhere You Look
All You See Is The Bang Bang
My Weapon Got A Name
They Call It The Beast
It Catch A Vato Slippin'
And For Sure He Gonna Feast
And When He's In The East
Suckas Left Deceased
And When He's In The West
He Put Holes In They Chest
Yes He A Killa
Don't Know No Boundaries
If You Had It Comin'
Then He Bout To Punish Thee
Whats Up To The G's
That's Real In The Field
The Vets Comin' Home
They Beat That Case On Appeal
Muthafuckas Real
He'll Kill You In His Cell
Another Man Down
But Who The Fuck Would Tell?
There's No One In Hell
So I'm Living Day By Day
Hope To See This Week
But I Really Can't Say
So If It Is I Make It
I'm A Be A Fool
I'm A Come Through
And Bust On Caps On You

A Black Mac Eleven
A Black Mac Eleven
Black Mac Eleven
A Black Mac Eleven
(rrrraaa rrraaaa)
A Black Mac Eleven
Black Mac Eleven
A Black Mac Eleven
A Black Mac Eleven
(rrrraaa rrraaaa)

(Steve Miller Band's "Fly Like An Eagle" Starts Playing)

Felony Case Entertainment
And We Running This Shit Homie
Check It
Hell Muthafucken Yeah
That's Right
Cold Muthafucka For This
Know What I'm Saying?
To The Muthafucken Future
A Harpy Eagle
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