Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lyrics: Conejo - Gang Style Killings

Lyrics For Conejo's "Gang Style Killings" Song From His "I Am Legend" Mixtape.

Verse 1:
Ese Gang Style Killings
Homie That's All Me
When The Death Counts Up
My City Just Bleed
Hands Bound
Inside A Trunk Of A Car
Ese Few Weeks Later
Find Out Who You Are
Attempts On My Life
Plots Quickly Discover
CDC Classify
As A Mexican Southern
My Nine Stutter
I'm A Cocaine Cutter
Ese All Up In The Calles
With My Dead End Brothers
You In Harpysville
Los Angeles Times
The State Wanna Try Me
On Felonious Crimes
Stay Tuned
For The Lp Soon
Cause I'm Just Getting Started
With Sadistic Tunes
Plus I'm The Only Rapper
That You Listen To
Homie Sick Classic Joints
For The Avenue
Cause I Paid My Dues
Produce Them Jewels
C Loco Stay Hot
On The 12 O'clock News
Disturbing Tracks
When You Insert The Disc
I Killed Em In A Battle
And These Lames Is Pissed
So Need I Say More
About The Corridors
I Take You Deep In My Mind
To The Horror Show
Revenge Served Cold
Ese Jumped It Off
By The End Of Track 1
They Was Broken Off
Fucking Jokes To The Game
Shit Was Never The Same
Cause Their Fans Turn Their Back
And Started Feeling My Pain
I Sniff Caine
And Smoke Blunts In The Rain
Ese All In East Max
Before I Caught The Chain
Another Page
Of My Life You Readin
Shit So Metaphoric
Ese Cold & Deceiving
Left You Fiendin'
Off That Heroin Flow
On A Lowrider Bike
I Drove Up Slow
This My Canton
And You All Invited
But You Best Act Right
Or I'm Bombing On Sight
Before My Shit Drop
I Got The Groupies Wet
Ese Fully Loaded Clips
And I'm Posted No Sweat
The Notorious Sect.
Got A Prophecy Vision
That Me & BadNews
Produced By Ambition
The Gang Profits
Will Pay For The Mixin'
And Its About That Time
Cause The Clocks Is Tickin'
I'm Set Trippin'
If You Bloodin' Or Crippin'
Of Latin Decent
How The Fuck You Livin'?
Like A Victim
When Step In The System
Ese 1, 2, 3
Low Blow Get Em
Just Pick Em
They Stick Em
A Diversion Of Trick Em
Ese Leaking On The Yard
Sent The Chopper To Lift Em
I Just Kick Up
Paragraphs Like These
Cause I Know What It Do
When It Reach The Fiends
They Come Back
And Double Up On A Sack
Cause All You Muthafuckers
Want High Caliber Crack

(Outro: Bob Marley & The Wailers' "So Much Trouble In The World" Starts Playing)
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