Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lyrics: Conejo - Mad At The World

Lyrics For Conejo's "Mad At The World" From His "Mad At The World" Compilation/Album.

Haha I'm Just Clowning
G Looney I'm Mad At The Muthafucken World
Shady - Venom Check It Out
I Know You Vatos Feel Me On This One
Its Time To Get The Street Sweepers
Clean House
These Fiends Is Waiting For My Shit To Drop
So They Can See What The Fuck They're Gonna Bite
This Rabbit Shit Is Always OG

Verse 1:
I'm Dead To The Streets
Cause I Aint Physically There
That I'll Put A Bullet
In These Punks That Scared
I'm Out Of Bounds
In A Distant Land
Just Me And My Celly
Heats Close At Hand
So Fuck Lil Rob
I Should've Smashed You Bitch
But I Ain't Had No Time
For Your Friendly Shit
Would've Choked Your Ass Out
And Tighten My Grip
And For Your Entourage
I Had A Hundred Round Clip
All Them Faggots From Your Area
Are Mrs. Shadow He Says
You Rhyme Like A Slave
You Little Nigga You Lame
Little What!?
You Fuckin Pimple Face
I'll Pop You With A Glock
And Leave No Trace
Then I'll Shoot Back To Los
Where The Gangstas At
Where The Capital Murders
Over Night Be At
Oh, It's On
Low Profiles Get Whacked
Even Royal Muthafuckers
Get Slapped With Gats

Mad At The World
(Man Lil Rob You Sound Gay As Fuck Rapping To Bitches, Shut Up)
Mad At The World
(What You Lookin' At Shadow? I'll Slap The Shit Out Your Muthafucken Ass Fool)
Mad At The World
(Lil One Fucking Pineapple Face)
Mad At The World
(None Of You Fools Wanna Fuck With The Ink)
I Guess I'm Mad At The Muthafucken World

Verse 2:
I'm A Tell You Now
How The Fuck I Really Feel
On The Edge Of Suicidal
Steady Gripping My Steel
Why Now?
I Guess I'm Ready To Die
Overdose On Doja
Bought A Plane From The Sky
I'm Sick & Tired
So I Had To Devour
A Stupid Sand Nigger
That Be Claiming Hi Power
Fucking Break Your Fingers
For Throwin' The H
You Fucken Swapmeet Rapper
I'll Fucken Spit In Your Face
And Your Boyfriend Snapper
I'll Snap His Neck
This Fucken Mac-90
Put You Suckas In Check
That's Real
You Don't Wanna See Me Peel
Ese Everybody’s Cap
Teflon In Your Gril
What's The Deal?
With All These Weak Ass Labels
Sorry Ass Puppet Face
Death In The Cradle
Get The Picture?
Or Must I Take It Again?
Ese To Another Level
With The Devil Instead

Mad At The World
(Capone-E You A Joke Ese, Shut Your Muthafucken Ass Up)
Mad At The World
(Snapper, Phony Ass Individual, Ha!)
Mad At The World
(Anybody Riding With You Fools, Getting Domed)
Mad At The World
(I Ain't Playing)
I Guess I'm Mad At The Muthafucken World

Verse 3:
Homie This Be My Plan
Cause Evil Entered My Mind
It Spoke To Me In Dreams
All The Busters Must Die
Plus The Shit I Left Behind
No Longer Mattered
Make Your Window Shatter
Being All About The Streets
Is My Only Concern
Ese Kill A Fucken Crip
Or A Blood If It's On
It's On & Crakin'
Cypress Hill On The List
These Fake "__"
Throw Slid In The Mist
Cause We Ain't Got Your Back
You Never Repped For Us
You Puffed A Little Weed
But Never Shared With Us
And To Them Bitches Up North
Trying To Clown The Sur
Ese We Run Every Prison
And Give You The Blues
Man Down
One Of Your Soldiers Down
The Homies Act A Fool
Never Scared To Get Down
A Rotten Corpse
The Main Head In Your Crowd
I Put Switches On The Hearse
In A Gangsta Town

Mad At The World
(Oh Yeah, Fuck The L.A.P.D., Fuck All These Fucken Pigs)
Mad At The World
(Fuck The Muthafucken Feds, Catch Me If You Can haha Rabbit)
Mad At The World
(Oh Yeah, Fuck All The Fucken Detectives On The Case, Muthafuckers Stupid)
Mad At The World
(And I Don't Give A Fuck, Going Out)
I Guess I'm Mad At The Muthafucken World

Haha I Been Around All You Bitches
And None Of U Fake Ass G's Wanna See Me
Lil Rob I'll Serve You In A Muthafucken Battle
Shadow Get Your Black Ass Out Of My Face Before You Get Booked
Lil One Talkin About He Drinks Bleed
I'll Make You Bleed You Ain't Satanic Fool
Capone-E Fuck Hi Power
Its West Side Harpys - That OG H
You Binladen Ass Muthafucka
Snapper You Phony
You Don't Wanna Bang Ese
Cypress You Slippin'
And To Darkroom Shut Your Muthafucken Mouths
Before We Decapitate You Lames
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