Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lyrics: Sleepy Malo & Conejo - I Don't Trust a Bitch

Lyrics For Sleepy Malo & Conejo's "I Don't Trust a Bitch" Song From Their "Kings Of Terror" Album.

Conejo, I Thought You Said I Was The Only One
You Told Me You Loved Me
Was That Just A Lie Or What?
But You Know What
You'll Realize At The End
You Gonna Miss Me Eh
Ni Modo And Payback's A Bitch

Conejo (Verse 1):
I Don't Trust A Bitch
Cause They Rattle Like Snakes
But To Get The Case
Do Whatever It Takes
Last Night In My Bed
And Tomorrow In Yours
She Get A Call On Her Cell
Then She Out The Door
And The Worst Part Of All
The Vato's A Rival
That's Why I Cut Her Loose
At The Time Of Arrival
Though I Miss The Pussy
Cause The Shit Was Bomb
Ese Big Round Titties
And Her Throat Was Long
Now Its On
With Another Snake
I Must Be In A Pit
But At Any Rate
In The End
It Turn Out The Same
Cause Hoes Now N Days
They Ain't Got No Shame

Conejo Dialog:
Listen Up
Listen Up
We Was Just Fucking
You The One That Got Shit Twisted
You Ain't My Lady
And You Knew That
And You Knew That From The Start

Sleepy Malo (Verse 2):
Bitches Can't Be Trusted
Bumping Out The Jay
Y Some Get Shot
Soon As They Drop
From The Mouth Like Rabies
Like Mercedes
She's My High Class German Bitch
A Pretty Lady But She's Crazy
On That Sherman Shit
Or Like Medusa
Snakes Crawling Up In Their Head
Turn My Homie Into Rock
Now Forgotten & Dead
The One That Said She Loved Me
Nope Never Again
Turn My Back There She Go
Being A Hoe With Her Friend
So I Said To Myself
Gonna Set My Own Rules
Never Get Loved
Lust & Love Confused
No Reliance In A Bitch
And Its Been Said Before
But If The Pussy Got Grip
I'm Coming Back For More
I Know What Brings Them Back To Me
Ain't The Sex We Had
But The Vengeance In The Hole
Where The Heart Was At
Others Mad Super Bad
But The Ties They Have
Don't Respect Them Suckas
So Get No Respect Back

Sleepy Malo Dialog:
Yeah, This One Right Here
Is For All Those Girls Out There
Who Go Out There & Do Their Thing
Hoeing Around
You Gotta Respect Yourself

Sleepy I Wasn't Doing Anything Wrong
I Was Just Hanging With My Girls
Doing Our Girl Thing
Whatever They Do That's On Them
Me? I Got Respect For Myself
I'm Not Like Them
Just Know That

Sleepy: Fuck You Bitch
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