Friday, August 23, 2013

Lyrics: Veneno - Fictitious Love

Lyrics For Venom's "Fictitious Love" Song From His "Diary Of A Madman" Album.

(Willie Dynamite Dialog Intro)

Verse 1:
It Seems To Me
You Got Me All Mixed Up
It Seems To You
You Got Me All Fucked Up
Whatever That Was
Let's Go Back To The Day
I Pray On You
When Butt Naked We Lay
I'm A Rider
But You Rode Like A Gangsta
You Had Me Stuck
In Your Heart Like An Anchor
Then Anger
Came Rushing Over Me
To The Extremity
That's When You Covered Me
Softly With Suave
Persuaded Me To Stop
Then Back To The Fact
This Fictitious Love
We Have For Each Other
Comparing Baby's Father
Shit You Were Flyer
Than My Baby's Mother
I'm A 100 Percent
Does It Really Matter?
All Pipe Dreams
Inside Of Me Shatter
All That While
We Converted Positions
Discuss What I Love
During The Intermission
Bullshit Aside
Do You Really Feel Me?
Is It The Opiate In Me?
Vice Versa Ecstasy

Willie Dynamite Dialog:
What Does A Pimp Know About Work Hmm?

Baby Am I True With You?
Baby I'm In Love With You
Baby What I Said Ain't True
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