Thursday, November 14, 2013

Lyrics: Baby Jokes - RhymeSlayer

Lyrics For Baby Jokes' "RhymeSlayer" Song From His "Life On The Streets" Album.

Turn That Shit Up A Lil Homie
Yeah Right There Ha
Let Me Hit This Shit Homie
That Muthafucken Rhyme Slayer
For You Fools That Don't Know
Baby Jokes From That Charlie Row Camp
Not Your Average Homie
Go Sit Back & Trip On This
If You Ain't Feelin' It
Well Fuck You!

Verse 1:
I Got The Call On The Celly
From The Beast Of Bellies
Mississippi Or Folsom
Fool I Can't Be Tellin'
Big Box In Calipat.
Picture That
Got Homies In The Pen
Cause We Rock The Same Tat
I'm Not Your Average
I Believe In The Mystic Shaman
With Illegal Spanish
A Little Twist Of Mackin'
I Know The Streets
And I Know The Fucken Bible
The Art Of War
Can Take The Fucken Title
The Psycho City
Pigs Better Come & Get Me
I'll Crush Your Eyes
And Leave Like DosXX
The Game Reacher Got A Bitch
By The Name Of Tricky
She Said She Missed Me
But I Know She Live In Boxes Icky
I Choose To Swindle
Like Champarro Like To Nibble
The City Sickle
I Bleed & My Body Tickles
So What You Sayin'?
I Know I Can't Leave This Place
The Rap Game
My Dog, What I Call My Ace

See In These Hard Times
We Gonna Push The Line
Brown Skined'd Muthafucker
With The Right Mind
Boom Bam
Hit You Like Uncle Sam
I Got The Baddest Bitch
I'm Sayin' Goddamn
You Got Me Shootin' Orders
See Its My Peckin Order
One Snap Of The Finger
And Its All Over
Rhyme Slayer
In Florida I'd Be A Alligator
But This Is L.A.
So I'm A Gang Banger

Verse 2:
You On My Clock
So I'm A Make
The Muthafucka Rock
The Blocks Hot
Its Known As The Spruce Block
Is The East Streets
The Boys & Me
Bang The 213
Everybody Rhymin'
But I'm The Right Time’n
Ain't A Vegetable
But Call Me Jolly Green Giant
Before You Tryin'
You Better Put Some Damn Mileage
Los Angelinos
Come & Get This Brown Lion
I Fucken Roar
And I Bite Even Harder
This Game Like Fish Sticks
And I'm The Fucken Tarter
The Rhyme Slayer
Untouchable Like Darth Vader
I Slang Dope
But My Stash Spot
With The Neighbor
The King Baker
That We Could Be The Money Maker
I Grind Just Like My Lakers
Califa Rap
I Blow Fucken Wigs Back
They Hit The Pad Of Parolees
On A G Plan
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