Thursday, November 14, 2013

Lyrics: Baldacci - Put In Work

Lyrics For Baldacci's "Put In Work" Song From His "The Baldacci Code" Album.

Put In Work
And Many Brothers Can Vouch
I Did Dirt

Verse 1:
Go Ahead
You Can Ask About Me
Baldacci Never Doubt Me
Stay Thuggin' No Lovin'
Been Bangin' & Hangin'
How Would This Be Without Me?
What You Think I'm Scared?
No, Never That
I'm Always Heated
They Need It
Boy Stay Weeded
Hot Like Fire
F Gang
To My G's Up On The Block (Yeah)
Salutes To My Team On The Top
Roll Blunts Get High
Smoke Dro
Fuck Haters
Talk Shit When We Not Here
What We Got Here?
The Time Up
Really Wanan See Me Pop Off Baby?
F Hat Tommy Gun
Don't Run Top Off
In A Brand New Black Mercedes
I'm Hot Till I Die
Stay Fly Like Birds
Up In The Sky Boy
Stay Stunnin'
Represent Whats Underneath My Eye Boy
One-Three Southside
I'm A Ride
And Ain't Nobody Gonna Stop Me
Yeah They Shot Me
Still These Muthafuckers
Couldn't Even Drop Me

I Did Dirt
Put In Work
And Many Brothers Can Vouch

Verse 2:
Hood Rich
Now I'm Living Lavish
All This
From What We Establish
Shooting Brains On The Block
Gotta Duck - Bust Back
Listen To Automatics
Hard Hustle
Started Selling Weed Up
At A Early Age
In The Hood Made A Name
Got Paid
Caught Up With This Burning Rage
Hear The Heat Go Clap Yeah
Man I Love The Smell Of Gun Smoke
Helicopter Flying High
Like Where The Fuck Them Thugs Go
In The Game No Mercy
Its Everybody For They Self
You Can Kill Or Be Killed
Like Have Em Run Up
In Your Fucken House
So Play Dead Muthafucka
Yup You Know I'm Real About This
Live A Life On The Run
From The Law
Time To Go
How Do You Feel About This?
What's The Problem?
Now You Wanna Talk
Baldacci Crazy
He Shady Take Your Lady
High In The Sky
And He Can't Be Faded

I Did Dirt
Put In Work
And Many Brothers Can Vouch
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