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Lyrics: Conejo - Beneath The Darkness

Lyrics: Conejo - Mama Chola Wengue Lyrics For Conejo's "Beneath The Darkness" Song From His "Children Of The Night" Album.

You Never Know Whats Goin' Happen, Yeah
So Go Ahead
Lets Smoke Some Of This Shit Right Here
Its Enough To Go Around For Everybody
The Calles Is Running Red With Blood Homie
And Me? I'm An Originator
I'm From Where The Drive-by Was Born
Let Me Kick This

Verse 1:
Beneath The Darkness
There Inside
A Gangsta On A Mission
Not Afraid To Fly
Full Metal
Thinking Deep Muthafucka
Oceanic Abyss
So Bury Me
Next To A Saber Tree
If You Don't Know Look It Up
Thats The Master Key
This Chronicle Rhymes
At Every Deadline
An Act Of War
Only To Restore
The Evil Deeds
That Were Committed
A Million Words
To A Beat Transmitted
A-T-M - 2-11
I'm On The Edge
Ese Never To Reveal
I Took A Pledge
I'm Undefeated
So I Wake & Take
I Keep On Moving
No Parking Break
Drugs For Your Ears
If You Have Too Much
It Might Get You Killed
Bullets Feed
If You Up To No Good
I'm A Titan Homie
If You Come To My Hood
Head Hunter
They Say The Misfit Avenge
Its A Muthafucken Thirst
That I Gots To Quench
For The Money
I Ride Like A Ghost
C Rock Trippin
From Pillar To Post
I Do The Most
Thats Ever Been Done
Other Fools In This Race
Always Get Out Run
Cocaine Express
Dressed All Black
Mac-11 Presents
You A Mess
And This Is Chess
I Press Muthafuckas
And They Break Under Stress
These Are My Kingdom Walls
I Piss On You Rats
Like Niagara Falls
Collect Calls
From The C.D.C.
And A Couple Of My Boys
In The B.O.P.
And Its The Mystic Violence
When I Jump On A Track
Cause I Whoop On A Beat
Like My Bitch With A Gat
Its Like What?
Who The Fuck In The Back?
Wanna Open Her Mouth
And Sample The Wrath
His Line Went Flat
Slide It To My Boy
He Get Rid Of That
Rep St. Louis
Fitted Cap
Ese West Affiliated
Where Them Harpys At
I Miss The Streets
More Than They Miss Me
As I Stare From My Suite
In The Caribbean Sea
I'm A Guarantee
That You Get What You Pay For
On The Dance Floor
Finger Banging Your Hoe
I Put In 2 Than 3
Than She Wanted Four
I Turned Her ass Around
When She Gave Me The Go
Thats How It Go
Thats How It Went
Beneath The Darkness
Of Recurrent Event

Its Like Gun Plays Mobile
And I'm Eager For A Fight
Revenge Was Planned
And Execute To The Fullest
And Thats My Mind Set
Felony Case Entertainment

Verse 2:
Your Funeral Was Arranged
Its In A Barrel Of Acid
When You Get To This Level
Shit Get Drastic
Bout This Digital Flood
I Been Stuck In The Mud
And I Shed Some Blood
So Calm Your Nerves
And Just Observe
Obliterate The Scene
A Combination Of Words
I Got My Degree
Not A P.H.D.
And You a Flee
Itch Get Scratched
Off The Fucken List
Only In The System
Do We Co-Exist
Its A Vendetta Culture
And I'm A Vulture
Ese Catch Your Ass Slippin'
On The "H" I'm Approach Ya
And Smoke You
Like A Joint Or A Primo
Crushing Up Dope
In A Brand New C-Note
Luni Chemo
When I'm Done With This
Ese All Bitches Rattle
Don't You Hear Them Hiss?

My Music Is Mayhem
Its A Platform For Death
I Mean There Ain't Nothin' Else Left
And I Said It Before
Don't Come Around Here
Cause You Might Not Make It Back Home
Real Talk, Real Talk
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