Monday, November 11, 2013

Lyrics: Conejo - City Lights

Lyrics For Conejo's "City Lights" Song From His "The Bootlegs Vol. 3" Album.

Yeah Whats Up Perro
This The Type Of Shit
That Goes On Under The City Lights
This Is How I Bring It

Verse 1:
I Was Young When I Learned
I Was Raised To Hustle
Seen The O.G.'s Do It
How Them Vatos Had Muscle
And I Look Up To The Killers
Tryin' To Figure It Out
But It Was Up To Me
To Give My Name Some Clout
Immersed In The World
Of These Gangs And Drugs
And When The Feds Got Involved
I Started Checking For Bugs
Ese Phone Tapped Lines
Communication Supply
Cause These Code Breaking Bitches
Want To Eat Me Alive
And Since '87
I Was Banned From Heaven
At The Local Mini Marts
I Pulled Them 211's
Back At The Bat Cave
Counting Money I Made
Then Saying To Myself
Ese You Truly Deranged
I'm A Dead Man Walking
But That 4-5 Talking
To Any Muthafucker
In The Way That's Blocking
They Started Dropping
Every Single Night
I Was Stoned In The Range
Under The City Lights
I Said I'm Willing To Go
To The Very Last Stage
I Was Lost For A Minute
But I Came Out The Maze
I Just Blazed
A Pound Of Cali Bomb
They Said I Couldn't Do It
But I'm Proving Them Wrong
So I Bathe
In The Enemies Blood
I'm A G From The Block
With The Ice And The Rock
Its Dooms Day
I Bring Doom To Your Day
Elimination Of A Rival
Is The Way I Spray
I'm Describing L.A.
Whether Sober Or Loaded
Ese 20 Gage Folded
Snap Back And Exploded
I Was Molded
Into The Boss Of Bosses
I'm A Greezy Muthafucker
Gold Desi I Sparked It
Dogs Barking
At The Black Intruders
Them Jamaicans Wanna Jack Me
For The Snow And The Buda
They Was Juras
In Dread Lock Wigs
City Night City Light
May They Rest In Piss
I Came Out The Womb
Ese Rolling A Dutch
Ese Chirping The Homies
Now They Scooping Me Up
I Rose Up
From The Ashes Of Blunts
That Was Lit By The Masses
So The Homies In Chucks
Soy Conejo
The Mexican Thug
Mean Mug 2 Snubs
Associated With Drugs
I Remained
So Icy Cold
Co-Defendants In My Case
Making Moves So Bold
The L.A.'s Most Wanted
800 List
They Put My Picture Up On Top
They Got A Call From A Snitch
Send Your Bitch
Dog The Bounty Hunter
So I Could Knock His Out
And Carjack His Brother
Then Slap His Son
And Continue To Run
Get Some Head From His Bitch
Before I Smuggle A Ton
That Was Fun
And I'm Still Number One
Now Everything Is Right
Under Them City Lights

Police Officer:
I Think The Busiest Any One Night I Ever Had
I Had Five Separate Homicides In One Night
Five Different Things I Think We Set A Record That Weekend On Homicides
Mostly Gang Related And I'm Not Sure The Total
Exactly Was Something Like 48 Homicides A Weekend
Which The Weekend Was From Friday Night To Sunday Night)

The City Lights
In The City Of Angels
Light Up All The City
Like A Séance With Candles
To The Scandals
And The Homies That's Vandals
Spraying Up The Walls
In The Barrio That's Mando
Gots To Handle
If The Business In Shambles
Fucking With My Money
Fighter Jets Get Scrambled
Ghetto Rambo
Trade A Brick For Some Ammo
Enemigas Quieren Guerra
Mutherfuckers Get Canceled

When I Go To War
Mutherfuckers Get Cancelled
You Hear Me
I'm Running This Shit
Big C-Rock
The Boss Of Bosses
L.A.'s Most Wanted
Another Day Another Dollar
Who The Fuck Said The Good Die Young?
Yeah We Out This Mutherfucker
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