Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lyrics: Conejo - You Making Trouble

Lyrics For Conejo's "You Making Trouble" Song From His "Gates Of Hell" Album.

Verse 1:
You Making Trouble
You Better Tone That Down
Cause Muthafucka You Ain't Knowin'
How We Holds It Down
Ese Council To The Crown
Say Smoke That Clown
And 9 Out Of 10
You Gon' Fucking Drown
Like An OG
Is How I Does It
Lose No Sleep
Let Me Light Up A Cousin
Un Primo
One Double Zero
Late Night Walking Out
River Palms Casino
And My Freestyle
Is Worth A Kilo
Big C Roca
Straight Angelino
No Cappuccino
I'm On Some Water & Bread
And When I Get Stressed Out
Your Bitch Giving Me Head
These Levas Quieren Guerra
Pero No La Declaran
And When I Bring It To Em
Ain't No Way Que La Para
At The Point
Of No Return
I Could Feel The Flames Of Hell
When It Started To Burn
Ese Musica Asesina
I'm A Fucken Assassin
Midnight Homicide
Rabbit Killin' With Passion
Ink Sketchin'
The Price Keep Passin'
The Homies Don't Play
So They Keep On Blastin'
But It's Nada
Y No Tienes Entrada
My Pimp Game Sick
Como Si Fuera Espada
I Slice You
And Cut You Down In Portions
Sell Em Back To Your Fam.
I'm A Poet Extortion
I'm A Gangsta
I Got My Balls & My Word
And I Fly Through The Skies
Like A Mythical Bird
The Pot Stirred
Till It Come Back Hard
Up In Front Of Thee Apartments
Slanging Dope To The Cars
Or Where Ever You are
I Can Make It Reach
Ain't No Place On The Planet
That's Out Of Reach
I Besiege
Any Fucken Corner
You Can Ask Any Smoker
I'm A Fucken Earner
With A Burner
Fool I Live This Way
Homie 6 Feet Deep
Is Where The Enemy Lay
He Talk Loud
But He Ain't Say Nothin'
Ese Bandit Pulled Up
In The Escalade Bumpin'
Then I Jump In
I Could Tell He Was Puffin'
That Medical Shit
I Could Tell He Was Buzzin'
What You Clutchin'?
A P 2-2 9
Sig Sauer Ten Round
Behind Enemy Lines
My Nuts Hangin'
Ese Down To The Floor
And These Crooked Ass Cops
Knockin' On My Door
Nobody Home
Did You Check The Morgue?
Cause I Faked My Death
More Than Once Before
A Lunatic
On That Felony Shit
Its An Eye For An Eye
Cause I'm G With It
I Move Quick
When I Run For Cover
Ese Gotta Fucking Do It
Cause I Hate Being Broke
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