Monday, November 18, 2013

Lyrics: Mr. Criminal - Soldiers March

Lyrics For Mr. Criminal's "Soldiers March" Song From His "Last Of A Dying Breed" Album.

Yeah Microphone Check 1 - 3
Is This Muthafucker On?
Thats Right Turn Me Up Homie
About To Spit Some Of This Shit
Mr. Criminal 2013, Yeah Haha
You Know I Had To Come Back With Some That Last Of A Dying Breed Shit
This 2013 & There’s A Reason Why I Named This Album Last Of A Dying Breed
Check Me Out Homie
All These Fake Ass Muthafuckers Falling Out The Game Left & Right Flopping
Still Coming With Wack Ass Shit After All These Years
Shit They're Gonna Find Out Ese
I'm One Of The Last Of These Muthafuckers
You Feel Me?

Verse 1:
First Of All I Got Skills
So Ain't No Need
For All This Name Dropping
I'm Representing This Latin Gangster Shit
Fuck Hip Hoppin'
I Keep This Shit Poppin'
Music Keeps Droppin'
Low-Low's Keep Hoppin'
Criminal Keeps Flossin'
I Stay Faded
The Homies Stay Gang Related
The Kush Keeps Me Elevated
Standing Steady Levitatin'
No Separation
Fuck Segregation
All My Gente Unite
Take Over The Nation
Now All My Latinos
Let Me See Those Flags Up
Mexicanos, Ecuadorianos, Argentinos Thats Us
All My Cubanos
Todo Mi Boricuas
Nueva York To Big Califas
All My Gente Keep It G'd Up
Thats What The Fuck We Do
On This Side
All My Gente Be Keeping It Live
Representing Day & Night
I Been Doing This Shit
13 Years Straight
Ain't No Flip Flopper
Hi Power To The Grave
In This West Coast
Southern Side
Carry It All On My Back
Since The Days I First Dropped
Maniac In Black
I Had Other Rappers Watchin'
Other Labels Smokin'
Wishin' They Could Sign Me
Had Those Muthafuckers Hopeless
Cause I'm Rare Human Being
Last Of A Dying Breed
Solid As They Come
While These Other Busters Cry & Bleed
Please Lord Forgive Me
I Got A Sick Soul
Til The Day Forgive Me As Well
I Got The Sickest Flow
And I'm Not All There
Crazy Like A Skitzo
Pull It Out Load It
Cock Aim Lets Go
I Didn't Make The Rules Spensa
But Thats How The Shit Goes
And Every Flika Dust On Up
Ese A Sick Post
I Love To Flip O's
I Love To Rip Shows
I Love The Fan Base
Trippin' How The Shit Grows
And Thats Factual
Other Levas Comical
You Slip & Get Tripped On
The Little Homies Bombing Em
Mr. Criminal's Mobbing Through
Stomping In My White Shoes
Attitude I'll Never
Get Feeling Like It Might Lose
Fuck The World Living This Life
Homie By My Rules
You Got Murdered Out The Game
Call You Ja Rule (Its Murder)
I Took The Game By Storm
Like A Typhoon
No I'm One Of The Very Few
Latin Rap's Tycoons
And I Ain't Feeling Most This Shit I'm Hearing
See This Why I Wrote A Gangsta Beat
Right Behind The Stirring Wheel
And All The Shit They Play On The Radio
Is Sickening
And Broke Youtube Rappers
Still Doing All Different Things
While My Diamonds Glistening
Through This Cali Sunshine
Getting Paid Flying Overseas
Just To Bust Rhymes
Then Its Back To The Crime Lab
Visions Of The Days That I Was Broke
Thankful For What I Have
Snoop Turn To Lion
And Game's On His TV Show Cryin'
Shit, It Used To Be Lowriders Hoppin'
And Chronic Smoke
Now The Skinny Jean Faggets
Taking Dick Down The Throat
And Name Droppers
Talking Bout Fools They Never Met
Rapping Bout Some Cartel Kingpins
You're Faking It
And Fools Be Talking Shit
Until I Catch Em First
Seen Em Backstage In Burque Homie
Took His Pistol First
Then I Made That Leva Take Off His Shirt
Then I Made Em Throw It In The Trash
I Know It Hurts
To Hear The Truth
You Know They Fear The Fucking Ruthless
Backstage Denver, Colorado
Left Em Toothless
If The Shoe Fits Ese
Then Wear It Fool
Don't Make Mr. Criminal
Embarrass You
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