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Lyrics: Stomper - 3 The Hard Way (Ft. Diamonique, Chino Brown)

Lyrics: Stomper - Seven Plus Six
Lyrics For Stomper's "3 The Hard Way" Song Feat. Diamonique & Chino Brown From His "Once Upon A Time In America 2" Album.

Diamonique Yeah
Big Stomps (uHuh)
Chino Brown (Come On)
Lets Go

Diamonique (Verse 1):
This The Kinda Shit
That Make You Wanna Gang Bang
But I'm A Stick Spittin' Harder
Than Some Wood Grain
Locos Turnt Up
I'm Higher Than A Plane
Making Haters Wet
Cause I'm Fire To A Flame
Magnetizing Energies
Connecting Them Like Centipedes
Bitches Don't Compare To Me
I'm Breeding Them Like Pedigree
Leader Of The New & Old School
And I'm Still The Queen
Everywhere I Go
They Follow Screamin'
"Hey Diamonique"
No I'm Not A Gangsta
But I'm Not A Wanksta
Talking Shit To Me
Will Make Stomper Wanna Shank Ya
Then Chino Gonna Tax Ya
Try Em And He'll Blast Ya
He From California
Fuck Some Wannabe Bastards
This Ones For My Daddy Mack
Groovin' In Them Cadillacs
Smoking Kush Blunts
Hanging Out The Window
Blowing Sacks
Yeah Nique Ain't Gotta Try Hard
But These Other Rappers
Gonna Make Me Pull Their Whole Card

Verse 2:
I'm Too Sick For The Amp
You Can Call Me Insanity
Just A Muthafucken Madman
Trying To Manage
While I'm A Cock The Hammer Back
Grab The Trigger & Pull It
Did The Voices In My Head
Or Did The Devil Make Me Do It?
Ain't Shit To Hold My Head
I'm A Real Ass G
Straight Unity Respect
Its The Big One-Three
Rather Die On My Feet
Then Live Life On My Knees
Got Lil Vatos In The Hood
Looking Up To A G
So I'm A Show Em The Biz
Gotta Tell Em Like It Is
Show Em How To Turn A Queer
Into A Vegetable Quick
Head Shot Make Em Drop
Blood Spills On These Streets
Trigger Squeeze - Bodies Freeze
Its The Life That I Lead
Live The Life Of A Killer
Its Just An Everyday Test
One After One Me & My Gun
We Gonna Put Em To Rest
This Shits Deep From Southeast
To The West Beware
Its Fact Guns Blast
Out The Barrels Of Terror

Chino Brown (Verse 3):
Tu Ya Sabes Quien Soy
Represento Sur Califas
Fumo Buena Grifa
Tengo Senoritas
Tengo Mamacitas
Perro Like The Fucken Juras
Fuck My Enemigas
Yo Te Chingo Un Gacho
I'm A Crazy Vato
Yo Te Mato
A La Verga Los Gabacho
Pinche Gobierno
Me Lo Paso Por Los Huevos
Tengo Dinero
Aqui Bailas Como Un Perro
Gain Green Pistolero
Joker Brand Primero
High Caliber
Hasta El Dia Que Me Muera
Orale Ese
The Southeast To The West
Otra Vez
Con La Reina Diamonique
Chino B. OG
2-1-3-1-0 Estilo
No Que No Little Chino?
Putting It Down Torcido
9-0-3-0-4 En El Chest
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