Monday, December 16, 2013

Lyrics: Conejo - Nowhere To Run (Ft. The Campain)

Lyrics For Conejo's "Nowhere To Run" Song Feat. Zapata The Ghost, Dopamine & Dee The Great From The Campain From His "Sinister Kingdom" Album.

(Ain't Nowhere To Run)
Yeah Cause We Everywhere
And We Been Doing This
Muthafuckas Ain't Gave Us Nada
Ain't That Right Dee?
The Campain Is In The Muthafucken House
Got The Homeboy Dopamine Right Here
Know I'm Sayin'
Zapata The Ghost, Handle Homie

Zapata The Ghost (Verse 1):
Nothing For Free
Nowhere To Run
When Its A Dead End
To Be Perpetual Vegetable
Thats A Dead Friend
Now I'm Looking At Situation
Through Birds Eyes
I'm L.A. Throwback
Like Arnold Hirschis
Dope, Conejo & Dee
Witness The Blasting
Brenda's Babies
Be Crawling Up Out The Trash Can
We Some Survivors Homie
Success We Headed There
Make It In The West Northeast
You'll Make It Anywhere

Dopamine (Verse 2):
These Streets Are Flooded With Mothers Tears
And All They Loses
Caution Tape - Red Flares
And Car Washes
This The Land Of The W
Trouble You
All These Handshakes & Hugs
But Ain't No Loving You
Nowhere To Run To
Nowhere To Hide
Double Clutch Your Nuts Homie
Went Its Time To Ride
Ain't Nothing For Free Homie
Better Put That Work In
The Double U Dopamine
West Miss Me Swerving

(Ain't Nowhere To Run
There Ain't Nothing Here For Free)

You Know The West Side Homie
Born & Raised
Worst Of The Worst
Haha Thats What They Say
Nothing To Be Proud Of
But I Am
But Its How I Was Raised
Man We Some West Babies
2-1-3 - All Day
Before 3-2-3
Way Before Homie
Northeast West Side
Lets Go

Dee The Great (Verse 3):
Ain't No Where To Run To
When The Goons Is Out Stalking
Devilish Wings
Prophecy Like Chris Walken
Norte Este - Ele - Ah Es Mi Lado
If The Homie Gettin' Busted
Then You Know We Taking Clavo
Man Life's A Bitch
Ain't Shit Out Here For Free
The Homie Getting Caught
Now He Fighting First Degree
I'm From The Land Of The Killers
Boy Don't Get It Twisted
Been Around The G Shit
Since A Fucken Infant

Verse 4:
These Verbal Wars
Are My Specialty
Fool They Already Know
I'm Supremacy
Muthafuckers Start Dropping
Cuando Estoy Curioso
Cause I Grip
The 38
Ese Bullets Come Out
And These Vatos Get Ate
I Spit It Clever
Turned Up On Crucial
From The L.A. City Slums
I Get The Seal Of Approval

(Ain't Nowhere To Run
There Ain't Nothing Here For Free)

Dee The Great (Dialog):
Yeah Northeast Los Angeles
West Side
Home Of The Muthafucken Killers Man
Conejo - Campain
Dopamine - Z The Ghost - Dee The Great
What Up C?

Verse 5:
Música Asesina
Es Una Arma Letal
Homie Ce - O - Ene
Tiene Arsenal
Y A Cien Por Ciento
All I Do Is Get Feria
Con Mis Movimientos
Bleed Blocks
Y Me Doy A La uga
Ese Ain't Nothing Left
After Rabbs Remove Ya
Se Registra
Otra Balacera
Donde Quiera Que Yo Ande
La Muerte Llega

(Ain't Nowhere To Run
There Ain't Nothing Here For Free)

On Some Real Shit
I Gives A Fuck
If This Movement Ever Goes Corporate
It Might be Too Late For That Already Anyways
Pero Quien Sabe
Anything Can Happen
Asi Son Las Calles
The Campain
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