Saturday, June 29, 2013

Lyrics: Young Drummer Boy - Fly Away

Lyrics For Young Drummer Boy's "Fly Away" Song From His "Rude Boy" Mixtape.

Lyrics: Young Drummer Boy - Rude Boy

Lyrics For Young Drummer Boy's "Rude Boy" Song From His "Rude Boy" Mixtape.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lyrics: Young Drummer Boy - You Know This (Ft. Ecks The Prodigy)

Lyrics For Young Drummer Boy's "You Know This" Song Feat. Ecks The Prodigy From His "Rude Boy" Mixtape.

Lyrics: Young Drummer Boy - Think About It

Lyrics For Young Drummer Boy's "Think About It" Song From His "Rude Boy" Mixtape.

Video: Mav - I'm The Shit (Ft. Mateo)

Es Oh El Musik Presents Mav's "I'm The Shit" Music Video Feat. Mateo. With Cameos from Rappin 4Tay, Spice 1, DTTX (LSOB), Zig Zag, Rigo Luna, & More. From His "Hustle Hall Of Fame" Album, Out Now on iTunes. Check out The Video below!

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Audio: Ace - Be Honest

New Song From The Group ACE, Song Is Titled "Be Honest" Produced by Marcis Rithmz. This Will Be Off Their New Project "Fresh Out The Deck" Coming Soon. Listen To The Song Below!

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lyrics: Young Drummer Boy - Roll It Up (Ft. King Lil G)

Lyrics For Young Drummer Boy's "Roll It Up" Song Feat. King Lil G From His "Rude Boy" Mixtape.

Mixtape: Young Drummer Boy - Rude Boy

Drumright Productions In Collaboration With High Caliber Records Bring You Drummer Boys's New Album For 2013 "Rude Boy" With Production From Drummer Boy Himself, Ernie G , Infameezy & The Beat Mafia Give You Smooth Hip Hop Beats With a Fresh New Sound. Features Ecks The Prodigy & King Lil G. All Tracks Were Recorded & Mastered by Bobby "Poison" Montenegro At HotBox Studio. Artwork Done by The Prime Suspects. Check It Out & Download It Below!!

1. Rude Boy
2. Fly Away
3. You Know This (Ft. Ecks The Prodigy)
4. Think About It
5. Hypocritical
6. Smoke Break
7. This Life
8. The World Is Yours
9. Big Bodys
10. Im Leavin
11. Welcome To California
12. Roll It Up (Ft. King Lil G)

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Video: Young Drummer Boy - Chip On My Shoulder)

Lyrics: Slowpoke - Trust (Ft. Toon)

Lyrics For Slowpoke's "Trust" Song Feat. Toon From His "Barrel Two" Album.

Lyrics: Conejo - Wind Of Death (Ft. Venom)

Lyrics For Conejo's "Wind Of Death" Song From His "Shady Conejo" Album.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Free Album: VA - LBP & 27Junkies Present Armageddon 3: The Finale

LBP & 27 Junkies Present "Armageddon III: The Finale" Album Produced By Loon3. Features LoOn3, Glasses Malone, Oso Vicious, Zapata The Ghost (The Campain), Midget Loco, Jasper Loco (Charlie Row), Abusivo, Alkatraz Kozme, Thee Broke Baller, Badnews, The Real Snapper, Robbs The One, Big Joe & Many More. Download Link Below. Check It Out!!

Disc 1
1. A3 Introduction (Produced By LoOn3)
2. Sire Kenoe, Glasses Malone & Alkatraz- Explosive (Produced By LoOn3)
3. J-Supreme & Syniko Citric - From The West Side (Produced By LoOn3)
4. Napalm - Cause For Alarm (Produced By LoOn3)
5. Alkatraz & Abusivo - The Rapping Dead (Produced By LoOn3)
6. C-Blunt, Silly Rabbit & Kozme - No Good (Produced By LoOn3)
7. Alkatraz & Midget Loco - Me-Xicano (Produced By LoOn3)
8. Hittman Gottem & Livin Real - Outa My Way (Produced By LoOn3)
9. That Dirty Mexican Zoe - Money Issues (Produced By LoOn3
10. Alkatraz - Snakes In The Grass (Produced By LoOn3)
11. Oso Vicious, Jasper Loco & Kozme - Marvin Gaye (Produced By LoOn3)
12. Thee Broke Baller & Mads The Hated - I Like (Produced By LoOn3)
13. U.D. Gang - Do It (Produced By Kashmir & LoOn3)
14. J.E. - Think About Thys (Produced By LoOn3)
15. Krome Gun - Set You Free (Produced By LoOn3
16. LoOn3, Prime1 & Phorse - Keep It On The Real (Produced B
17. The Real Snapper - She Likes It Freaky (Produced By LoOn3)
18. OneKs & YBV - Got The Game Stacked  (Produced By LoOn3)
19. Alkatraz, Big Joe & Mr. Chuko - Face Off (Produced By LoOn3)
20. Thee Broke Baller, Mr. Triggs & Bigg Temps - Wanna Be Me (Produced By LoOn3)
21. Syniko Citric, J-Supreme & Abusivo - Stroke (Produced By LoOn3)
22. LoOn3 - Everybody Else (Ft. T-Pain) (Produced By LoOn3)

Disc 2
1. Armageddon 3 Introduction (Produced By LoOn3)
2. 2Real - Welcome 2 Hell (Produced By LoOn3)
3. Alkatraz, Zapata The Ghost & Abusivo - Slaughterhouse (Produced By LoOn3)
4. The Stomper & Oso Vicious - City Of The Bangers (Produced By LoOn3)
5. QCity & Bacardi Boom - 27Junkies Freestyle (Produced By LoOn3)
6. Alkatraz, Robbs The One & Abusivo - Who Gonna Teach Em (Produced By LoOn3)
7. Big Joe - The Devils Horn's (Produced By LoOn3)
8. Ese Boosta, Baka & Yung Pacino - South 2 The West (Produced By LoOn3)
9. Oreo - The Dedication (Produced By LoOn3)
10. Alkatraz & Oso Vicious - Once Upon A Time (Produced By LoOn3)
11. Sire Kenoe - Capitol Crime (Produced By LoOn3)
12. BadNews, JFunk & LoOn3 - We Run This Shit (Produced By LoOn3)
13. Infamous, Yogee & RuRu - Dont Need Swag (Produced By LoOn3)
14. Alkatraz - Streetz iz Buzzin (Produced By LoOn3)
15. Thee Broke Baller - I Can Feel It (Produced By LoOn3)
16. Poison - Said I Wouldn't Make It (Produced By LoOn3)
17. BiggzLokz - South East Story (Produced By LoOn3)
18. U.D. Gang & LoOn3 - Final Notice (Produced By LoOn3)
19. Dieverse & Chillah Mayne - Beware (Produced By LoOn3)
20. Abusivo, Sire Kenoe & Wyte Wydo - Blaze It Up (Produced By LoOn3)
21. Oso Vicious - Cut Throat (Produced By LoOn3)
22. Alkatraz - Line Of Fire (Produced By LoOn3)
23. Berreta & Zapata The Ghost - We Official (Produced By LoOn3)

Download: Mediafire

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Free Album: LoOn3 & The Real Oreo Present - Armageddon II

Lyrics: Conejo - Fatal Dream

Lyrics For Conejo's "Fatal Dream" Song From His "Shady Conejo" Album.
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