Saturday, February 8, 2014

Lyrics: Conejo - All My Friends (Ft. Venom)

Lyrics For Conejo's "All My Friends" Song Feat. Venom From His "Favela" Album.

All My Friends

You Damn Right I'm A Stay Making Moves
But You Know
I Have To Bring My Dogs Along For The Ride
Cause Thats How I Roll
Na I'm Sayin?
Check It
We Got Veneno, Joker, Bandido
Fool This Sinister Kingdom Music
Ustedes Ya Me Conocen A Mi
Ce - O - Ene Ski-Mask Boy
Muthafucker Watch Me

Verse 1:
This Is Dangerous Word Play
Heroin, Coke & Ice
A Relentless Muthafucker
And The Flow Be Nice
Es Un Juego De Drones
I Pick My Target
That's Him Right There
He Say He Running The Market
I Verify The Data
I Jump Out With The Cuerno
Make His Body All Scatter
Whats The Matter?
I Thought You Ready For This?
T-Loco's From The Block
Is With Me In The Mix
They Call Me C Mack-11
Mack-11 The Boss
A C-Rap Felon
With A Profit Or Lose
Double Cross Me
Y Te Mando Al Infierno
All I Do Is Go Hard
Give A Fuck About Radio
The Scenario
Ese Always The Same
Crack House Get Hot
Time To Relocate
Then Reinstate
The Fucken Product Again
C-Roca's In The Building
Bout To Kill It Again

That's Right

(All My Friends)

Man I Smoke The Mic Like A Fucken Cigarette
Homie Spread The Word
Felony Case Co. Running Shit
Venom Let These Vatos Know Whats On Your Mind

My Kodak Memory Is Shit
Let Me Reverse, Rewind & Push Play
So Grab Your Guns, A Blue Spray Can
And Hit Up The Varrio
Like Pish, Pish Pish, Ssssss...

Venom (Verse 2):
We Developed Being Negative
Of My Young Guns
First Came The Buddha
Then Came The Fun
Tracks Made Of Steel
For The Homies R.I.P.
Hard To Let Go
The Beef With Enemies
But We All Grown Up
Criminalized With Codes
Where You From?
Where You At?
2-1-3 Area Code
La Neta
This Be The Life I Chose
When I'm Around You Though
Is It A Threat I Pose?
Suppose, I Went Back In Time
Should've Known Better
Then To Let It Ride
Throwing Up The Ache
While I'm Getting High
In L.A. With My Perros
I Wanna Die
Picturing A Hyna
Morning By My Side
Crying Tattoo Tears
While She Says Goodbye
Destiny Remote
In My Cora To The End
I Dedicate This Verse
To All My Friends

I Salute My Homies Lost In The Calles
And Doing Tiempo In The Pinta
One Day We're Here, The Next We're Gone
Like R.I.P.
The Cat Out The Hat

And Its Like That
We Bringing That Funky Fresh To Death
Underground Popping Off
Busting Caps At All These Mainstream Suckas
Homies 213 - Tattoo Ink
These Dudes Wanna Start Somethin'
Its Like Don't Even Trip
Let's Go

Verse 3:
And Drizzle Bullets
At The End Of The Night
We Touch Down In Your Varrio
International Flight
I See The Frauds
Like A Counterfeit Bill
Start Working Muthafuckas
A Legitimate Kill
And The 38 Revolver
Thats Under The Seat
Got The Duck Tape Handle
Like Its Made For The Street
You Wanna Meet
The Executioner
I'ma Tell You Right Now
You Got No Future Bro
Ese You & Your Clicka
Stay Hatin' My Shit
Cause Me & My Clicka
Stay Smashin' Your Bitch
She A Big Boob Stripper
Thats Addicted To This
So Anytime She Want It
I'ma Give Her Her Fix
And All I'ma Gon' Say Is
Free Chino Grande
Lil Homies Wilding Out
Its All About The Desmadre
On The Sane Mode
Notorious Trick
Making All My Enemigas
Abandon Ship

This That Type Of Rock Cocaine
I Whip Up When I'm In The Kitchen
That A-1 Caviar
Saludo To All The Fiends, I Mean Fans
Thats Taking A Blast As We Speak
Fool Its That Seek & Destroy Type Of Shit
Notorious Enemy Official

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