Friday, February 7, 2014

Lyrics: Conejo - Life Is A Maze

Lyrics For Conejo's "Life Is A Maze" Song From His "Favela" Album.

Verse 1:
 Life Is A Maze
With So Many Ways
That One Could Get Killed
Or Live Out There Days
Ese No One Even Knows
Bout The Shit I Go Through
If You Could Break Into My Mind
You Will See What I Do
To Keep Myself
From Going Insane
To Keep Myself
From Feeling That Pain
The Sound Of Rain
Ese Keeps Me Calm
I Got This 38 Snub
That I Grip In My Palm
They Say I'm Gone
But No I'm Not
I Got That Fucken Intellect
Whether You Like It Or Not
Homie Stop
And For A Second Review
How Everything I've Done
Has Developed Into
Un Movimiento
C Rap's Official
Cause The Ones That Got That Grind
They Ballistic Missile
Pounds Of Crystal
I Could Get It For Cheap
Cause I'm Connected To The People
That Put Work On The Street
Ese Gangsta Rap
In The Game I'm Trap
But I'm Good For This Shit
Cause I'm Bringing It Back
I Never Gave Up
The Hunger's There
To These Lame Muthafuckas
Can't Be Compared
The Product That I Bring
Is Raw & Uncut
Ese These Bitches Be In Danger
When I'm Bustin A Nut
I Set Examples
On How It Should Be Done
This Some Cowboy Shit
How The West Was Won
They Don't Wanna Give Me Credit
When They Know Its Due
That's Why I Kick Down Doors
With My Sinister Crew
We A Kingdom
Of Fucken Felons
We're On A Mission For The Doe
Out To Get Them Melons
I Got Em Waiting
On All My Moves
This Jales Guaranteed
I'm A Smash On Crews
I'm That Dude
That Be Killing It Solo
Esta Madre Yo Controlo
Scarface Manolo
The Work That I Put In
Is Beyond Your Reach
These Fake Ass Labels
Trying To Fucking Breach
The Contract
Thats Burning The Bridge
I'm A Cold Muthafucka
Put Your Head In The Fridge
Ese Rappers Hear My Voice
Can't Believe That I'm Calling
I Was Young In The Calles
With The Enemy Brawling
I'm Installing
Surveillance Cams
Cause I Get Paranoid
When I Snort Them Grams
I Got The Sickest Collabos
Its On This Youtube Page
Don't Change The Channel
I Dismantle
The Instrument Panel
I'm Powered By The Sun
A Solar Panel
Before I End These
Last 4 Bars
I'm A Spit Something G
For Where Ever You Are
I Take You Back To My Canton
Like Calle Viente-Cinco
El Barrio Mas Chingon
Young Trukos
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