Friday, March 28, 2014

Lyrics: Conejo - I'm Still Higher Than Ever

Lyrics For Conejo's "Games Fucked Up" Song From His "Psychological Warfare" Album.

Look At Me
I'm As Helpless As A Kitten
Up A Tree
And I Feel Like I'm Clinging To A Cloud

Listen Bitch
I'm Still Higher Than Ever
It's C-Mack11
Baby Colder Than Ever
It's Not Child's Play
This Is Foul Play
So Go Ahead & Breed
Someone's Dying Today
I'm In Top Form
I Redefine The Caine
Cause Since L.A. Times
Nothin's Been The Same
I Do This Heavy
Got Your Casket Ready
Encase It Get Stupid
After Drinking This Henny
I'm Standing
Stage Right Now
What You Talkin' About
If I Put You On My Shit
Your Career Take Off
That Supremacy
From The M-I-C
Other Vatos Try Do It
That's My Destiny
Then It Switch
Fool Things Get Sick
Ese Bombs Going Off
Like The Gaza Strip
And The Hood Shit I'm With It
The Dodger Fitted
Ese Aerial Combat
Like The Battle Of Britain
I Swoop Down
And Spray Your Whip
Ese Reload Twice
That's An Eagle Trip
That's How I Move
When It's Time To Remove
A Muthafucken Glitch
In The Way Of My Groove
You Know It's Time
You Get Serious Holmes
Before I Pull Up On Your Block
And Snatch You Out Of Your Throne
I Break Out With The Gat
A Mexican Hat
Not A Second To React
I Got You Picturing That
They Wanna Test
My Ammunition
Eternal Rest
Shoot To The Face No Vest
Then I Ascend
From Man To Legend
Cause I'm The Greatest
I'll Shoot The Pigeon
In Other Words
I'm Fucken Nice
I'll Attach To Your Call
An Explosive Device
I'm Locced out
The Mission Carried Out
So If You Want A War
You Better Figure It Out

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