Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lyrics: Conejo - Some Might Say

Lyrics For Conejo's "Some Might Say" Song From His "Gates Of Hell" Album.

Verse 1:
Some Might Say
That I Recycle My Verses
Everyday Is The Same
I Recycle These Curses
Los Mando
Through The Air With The Spirits
They Drop On The Floor
When They Fucking Hear It
I Been A Guest
At All Your Smoke Outs
I Put You In A Trance
With The Words I Roll Out
I Don't Hold Out
I Let The Levy Break
So I Hope To See You All
At My Fucken A Wake
Drop Zone
My Label Don't Post-Pone
Release Date Set
Download Is On
You Get It?
Don't Be The Last To Know
What The Fuck I Gotta Say
You Gotta Stay On Your Toes
Why Waitin'
My Situation Require
That I Flood This Muthafucka
BuilD Up An Empire
This Gangland
Is My Domain
And Everything Up In It
Is Preordained
Acid Rain
When I Piss On These Ants
Homie Big C-O-N
In With These Magical Chants
A Game Of Chance
Anything Could Happen
I Was Twelve Years Old
When I Started Rapping
I Was Absent
First Day Of School
I Was Copping At The Phone
With The Auto Too
That Was The Rule
That We Had To Go By
I Was High From The Start
Now I'm State Of The Art
And I'm Going
Trying To Seek That Knowledge
Ain't Talking Bout The Kind
You Receive In College
Its Useless
Learn How To Be Ruthless
Here's A AK-47
This Is How You Shoot This
Don't Be Stupid
And Watch Your Step
Ese Cameras All Around
In This Spider Web
With That Said
I'm A Paint This Red
With The Blood Of A Rival
That I Shot In The Head
Its Still Fresh
From Its Origin
Ese 3 A.M.
At The Shepperton
It Was A Long Hard Day
Now My 3rd Baby Momma's
Coming Over To Play
She On The Way
With The Sack Of Budda
16 Ounces
So That I Could Maneuver
Through This Record
And Not Get Locked In The Maze
Cause I Don't Plan To Finish
Til The End Of My Days
Crime Pays
Just Like Anything Else
So I'm A Go Hard
Guarantee That It Sells
Got Sales
That Sleeping & Wait
Ese Waiting For A Chance
To Attack & Invade
Give Me Some Shade
Till The Heat Calm Down
I Got Sicarios In The Front
In This Little Town
Y No Duerme
Y Sus Ojos No Cierran
Ese Vatos Try To Creep
Y Mi Team Los Infiera

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