Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lyrics: Conejo - Die In My Varrio

Lyrics For Conejo's "Die In My Varrio" Song From His "Sinister Kingdom" Album.

I Don't Know About You Homie
But When I Die, I Wanna Die In My Varrio
Shout Out To All My Homies Rest In Peace
So Matter Of Fact, Shout Out To All My Enemies Homeboys Resting In Peace
This Is For The Dead
Know What I'm Talkin' Bout?
Cause The Boys Livin' To Die
And I Am Ce-O-Ene
Las Puertas De Infierno

Verse 1:
I'm High Priest
And I Stay On Beast
You Know When I'm Loaded
On These West Side Streets
The Phone Ringin'
I'm With The Royal Guard
Ese Lungs Made Of Steel
Light Another Cigar
I'm On Some T'ai chi ch'uan
Fool Its Over You Gone
A Professional Hit
So Nothing Go Wrong
Ese Everything Go Right
At 12 O'clock Midnight
Muthafuckas Pay Attention
To The Words I Write
Ese Yes
The Venue's Packed
And They All Came To See
Mister Kilo Champ
With The Sword
Ese 3-6-5
On The Calendar
The Uzi Brothers
With That Opium Style
This Is Not Hashish
This Is Heroin Tar
Got Bars
That I Could Spit In Your Face
And When Its Time To Go
This My Resting Place

When I Die
I Wanna Die In My Varrio

Verse 2:
They Trying To Get Close
Might Send In Informants
Thinking That I'm Sleepin'
That C-Rock Dormant
Unloadin' The Cargo
I Come To Your Block
A Section Embargo
Wells Fargo
The Next One I'm Robbin'
Steady On My Grind
I'm A Keep On Mobbin'
Jewel Droppin'
I Move Not Stoppin'
Rolled Down The Window
With That Glock Start Poppin'
On These Vatos
Instigating My Doom
Wipe The Crumbs Off The Table
As I Enter The Room
I Recruit
All These Sinister Minds
To Help Me Push A Brand
That Be One Of A Kind
And Also All On The Slums
I'm Gettin' Head From A Hoe
Giving Dollars To Bums
And The Guns
They All Over The City
The Rivals Got Em Too
So Its About To Get Shitty

When I Die
I Wanna Die In My Varrio
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