Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lyrics: Conejo - You Aint Never Heard Of Me?

Lyrics For Conejo's "You Aint Never Heard Of Me?" Song From His "Infernal Religion" Album.

Alright, Lets Get Busy Homies
But First Things First
All You Little Muthafuckas
Need To Come Pay Homage To Your Step-Dad
Or I'ma Put All You Little Fucking Bastards On Restriction
No More Nada
La Neta Tienen Que Reconocer
What? Watcha

You Ain't Never Heard Of Me?
You're Lying

Verse 1:
I'm In Your Swamp
With The Alligators
A Black Raider Jacket
And Some Black Chuck Taylors
Beat Up A Jailer
And Stab A Drunken Sailor
Then Bump Bob Marley
And The Fucken Wailers
Life Is Real
You Gotta Have That Steel
Close Enough That You Could Reach
At Any Ordeal
I'm Taking Everybody Out
No One Reach My Level
That's The Deal That I Made
With The All Red Devil
Son Palabras De Guerra
Las Puertas Del Infierno
Homie Nunca Se Cierran
I Keep Em Open
Just Encase They Our Hostage
Ese Chain His Ass Up
Until The Time A Bitch Carnage
And I'm Toxic
Don't Need A Key I'm A Locksmith
I Look Through The Optic
Hear The Beat & I Rocks It
Its Logic
That It's Sandman Slim
Or Better Yet My New Placaso
I'm O.G. Sin

You Ain't Never Heard Of Me?
You're Lying

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