Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Lyrics: Conejo - Evil Whispers

Lyrics: Conejo - Mama Chola Wengue Lyrics For Conejo's "Evil Whispers" Song From His "Children Of The Night" Album.

[Verse 1]
I Blow Shit Up
En Toda La Zona
Then I Rock More Dope
For You To Sell On The Corner
The Cash Come In
Like a Speedball Loaded
Police Corruption
Got The Pigs Unloading
Its A Painful Process
For The Life We Live
Catapult Me To The Spot
Where The Spirits Live
This A Potent Dose
With A Sour Note
Ese Homicidal Thoughts
And My Brain Evolve
From The Slums I Rose
To Heavy Rotation
The Streets Fucking Saying
That I Kill On Location
Get Your Bars Up
Its What I'm Trying To Say
Coke Money Was The Making
Of The Devil's Play
Hell's Highway
Brews'd Up & Token'
Another Crime Story
Gun Barrel Smoking
I Ain't Jokin'
Shit Is Real As It Get
Its Like Their Fucking Back For Me
The Notorious Set

Evil Whispers
Hey Check This Out Homie
Let Me Get At You Real Quick
Evil Whispers
Let Me Put Something In Your Ear
Peep Game Though
Evil Whispers
Its Hard To Trust Anybody These Days
One Day They're Cool
And One Day They're Not
Evil Whispers
I'm The One That Fucken Whisper
Evil Shit In Your Ear

[Verse 2]
I Said Don't Cross The Line
You Ain't Welcomed Here
Muthafuckers Get Clapped
You Ain't No One To Fear
You Talking Husky
While I'm Out Here Hustlin'
On Some Real As Shit
I'm Like An AK Bustin'
L.A. Represent
That Prison Ink
C - O - N
Out The World
And Everything Up In It
West Adams
You Know Them Blocks
So Place Your Bets
Cause You Will Get Shot
Homie Smoked Out Music
Don't Get Caught In This Web
I Cast A Curse
With My Ballpoint Pen
All Of Them
Ese Be My Soldiers
Sniper On The Roof
Clean House I Told You
You Don't Listen
This Is Magic's Money
While You Hatin' In The Back
And Actin' Funny
I Give A Sign
And Killas Come From Behind
Slash Your Neck
Then I Leave In My Ride

Evil Whispers
Its Like Ol' Girl Been Talking To The Feds
And She Smilin' Like Its All Good
Evil Whispers
Its Like Muthafuckers Like That
Where Born Like That
Ain't Nothin' Gonna Change You
Evil Whispers
These Snakes Is Everywhere Homie
You Just Gotta Recognize Who They Are
Evil Whispers
I'm The One That Fucken Whisper
Evil Shit In Your Ear

[Verse 3]
The Streets Tremble
They Call Em Norman Bates
He's Psycho On The Beats
When He Dig Through The Crates
The Cross Fire
That's A Warrant For Death
One Miss Call
From The Devil In Hell
Evil Entities
In The Octagon
I Solidify My Hole
Then Drop The Bomb
And My Words
Straight From The Gutter
I Reach For The Nine
And Make It Stutter
Put It Back In The Box
Where I Had It Stashed
That's Another Gang Story
About My Past
Extreme Condition
I'm Having Visions
Of Vatos Getting Whacked
For Showing Weakness
In The System
Is Where I Fucken Lost It
Hit The Fucken Streets
So Quick & Bossed It
Then I Flossed It
Jealosy In The Air
From The Snitches In The Game
That Don't Play Fair

Evil Whispers
Sometimes You Ain't Even Gotta Take Em Out
Life Takes Em Out
Evil Whispers
Try To Stay Balanced
On This Poisonous Path
Evil Whispers
Gotta Be Wise
And Not Like Them Other Fools
Just Talking A Good One
Evil Whispers
I'm The One That Fucken Whisper
Evil Shit In Your Ear
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