Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mixtape: King Lil G - AK47 Boyz

King Lil G Releases His Much Anticipated "AK47 Boyz" Mixtape, The Latest Project King Lil G & Sucios Mob Member Young Drummer Boy Have Been Working On For The Last Few Months. Featuring Young Drummer Boy, Kryptonite, Carolyn Rodriguez, Reverie, Self Provoked, ISuppose, Baby Gunz & LA Gun Smoke. Production By Young Drummer Boy, D. Salas, Infameezy & More. Mixed & Mastered By Kryptonite. Listen & Download It Below!

1. Hopeless Boy (Feat. David Ortiz) (Prod. By NutKase)
2. AK47
3. Can't Relate (Prod. By Lewis Parker)
4. Windows Down (Feat. Drummer Boy) (Prod. By Drummer Boy)
5. Delusional (Prod. By Five On Trez)
6. El Alpachino (Feat. LA Gun Smoke) (Prod. By Five Oh Trez)
7. Dirty Feat. (Drummer Boy) (Prod. By SM Tracks)
8. Joey and Jasmine
9. Like That (Feat. Baby Gunz, Drummer Boy) (Prod. Drummer Boy)
10. Blunt After Blunt (Feat. Reverie) (Prod. Infameezy)
11. Love Kills (Feat. Krypto) (Prod. By A$AP Jermz, Jedi Keyz)
12. Living My Dream (Feat. ISuppose, Self Provoked, Carolyn Rodriguez) (Prod. Jay One Kay)
13. Make U Mine (Feat. Carolyn Rodriguez) (Prod. David Salas)

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